Chrome Pedestal Oscillating Fan Metal Stand Fan with 3 Speeds


  • HIGH-POWERED COOLING: This high-performance pedestal fan rapidly produces cool airflow with efficient distribution for a fast, effective cool down
  • 3 SPEED SETTINGS: A choice of high, medium or low speeds for creating a powerful surge of cold air or a gentle breeze for comfortable cooling in hotter climates
  • 80° AUTOMATIC OSCILLATION: Automatic left-right oscillation spreads cool airflow across an 80-degree angle to improve circulation around your whole room
  • MULTI-DIRECTIONAL AIRFLOW: Its adjustable stand height can be extended up to 125cm to further customise your airflow settings. The fan comes with an adjustable pivoting head for multi-directional cooling
  • STYLISH METAL DESIGN: Safe and stylish cooling solution with an ultra-modern chrome finish and an anti-corrosive poly-coated guard

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Chrome Pedestal Oscillating Fan

Introducing the Chrome Pedestal Oscillating Fan. Energy Efficient cooling fan is designed to produce a refreshing airflow quickly and efficiently for fast and effective cooling. This fan is perfect for those hot summer days or stuffy environments where you need a reliable cooling solution.

With three speed settings to choose from – high, medium, and low. You have the flexibility to create a powerful surge of cold air or a gentle breeze depending on your comfort preferences. This fan ensures you stay cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets.

The fan’s automatic oscillation feature sets it apart from the rest. With an 80-degree angle of left-right oscillation. It spreads the cool air across a wide area, improving circulation. Ensuring that every corner of your room receives a refreshing breeze. This comprehensive coverage helps maintain a consistently cool environment throughout your space.

For further customization, this Chrome Pedestal Oscillating Fan offers multi-directional airflow options. The adjustable stand height can be extended up to 125cm, allowing you to position the fan at the perfect level to suit your needs. Additionally, the fan features an adjustable pivoting head, enabling you to direct the airflow in multiple directions, ensuring optimal cooling for any area.

Not only does this fan deliver exceptional performance, but it also boasts a stylish metal design. With its ultra-modern chrome finish, it adds a touch of sophistication to any room. The anti-corrosive poly-coated guard ensures durability and longevity making this fan a safe and reliable cooling solution for years to come.

Chrome Fan key features

The Oscillating Pedestal Fan combines high-powered cooling performance, customizable airflow options, and a stylish design. With its rapid cooling capabilities, three-speed settings, automatic oscillation, multi-directional airflow, and safe and stylish metal construction, this fan is the ideal choice for keeping you cool and comfortable in any environment. Experience a refreshing breeze and beat the heat with this exceptional pedestal fan.

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Weight4.950 kg
Dimensions40 × 25 × 40 cm


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