7 Litres Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel Duel Bakelite Handle


  • This Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is a Self-Locking Design Which Cooks Food Extremely Quickly and Retains Flavour. 
  • Ideal for Cooking Meat and other types of food.
  • Suitable with all Hobe Gas, Electric, Hotplate and other Hobbes.
  • This Pressure Cooker is made of High-Quality Aluminium. 
  • Dual Bakelite Handles and A Quick Pressure Release Function.
  • The available Size is 7 Litres

Available payment options. 

7 Litres Pressure Cooker means maximum cooking space and healthier eating as more of the natural goodness and flavour of food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, is sealed in. Being stick-resistant the extra thick base has aluminium sandwiched between two layers of steel which effectively diffuses heat. Quickly and evenly. Your food doesn’t burn and within minutes it is cooked and ready. sandwich bottom prevents the destruction of essential proteins, normally lost when food burns or sticks at the base. Thus you get more vital nutrients in your food. Nutrients that may be lost through conventional cooking.

Unique sandwich bottom ensures faster cooking, saving fuel, time and money. extra beautiful Of course, this pressure cooker makes cooking a pleasure. On the shelf, it sparkles like your other steel vessels. On the hob, it cooks the healthiest, tastiest food.

The most hygienic material designed for cooking. Only Stainless Steel comes into direct contact with your food. So when you cook directly, you have no fear of contamination from aluminium. Thus ensuring your family’s health and safety. What is more, acidic foods like tamarind or tomatoes will never corrode stainless steel ensuring you have hygienic, contamination-free cooking.

added safety Fusible Safety Valve maximum safety Gasket release system for added safety.

. high convenience handle is an Ideal, heat-resistant handle designed to fit the curve of your palm.

This Pressure Cooker is Available in 7 Litres

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Weight2.36 kg
Dimensions40 × 34 × 20 cm


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