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Electrical Heather’s

The warmth of your home will make it feel cosy, especially when the weather isn’t always lovely. Our extensive range of heaters and radiators will keep you warm and cosy in your home. Here, you’ll find something to suit any budget or requirement, regardless of the heater or radiator type.

Electric Heating

Are you looking for electric heaters and electric radiators to meet your heating needs? you’ve come to the right place. Our range of convector heaters is a great choice when it comes to providing some additional heat in your home. With a timer and thermostat, you can control an entire room’s temperature by putting them on for a few hours at a time.

An oil heater also uses convection and they’re great at retaining heat, so be sure to look at our selection of oil-filled radiators too. A fan heater has a compact size making it a breeze to take from one room to another and an ideal choice for smaller rooms.

Space Heaters

Check out our selection of panel heaters as well. The ideal background heat source for your home, these can be used free-standing or wall-mounted. We’ve got a wide selection of halogen heaters as well. when it comes to heating your home.

Using radiant heat, they’re perfect for warming up a part of a room quickly, especially while you’re watching TV on the sofa. It is also a good idea to have a blanket around at night so you can stay warm and relax.