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Cooking Set

12 Pieces Stainless Steel Cookware Set



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Enjoy Smoothie with this blender

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Cookware Set

7Pcs Cooking set for your kitchen 

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BBQ Tools

The best combo.

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Coffee Grinder

Big brand Coffee Spices Grinder

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2000W Oil Filled Heater Black

Portable Electric Radiator Heater comes with 9 oil-filled fins. This provides an immediate and efficient solution for quickly warming up small to large-sized spaces. The heater can produce low heat of 1500W, and the highest heat setting emits 2000W. it’s enough heat to warm your living room, bedroom, office and even a typical large room. Additionally, the radiator has 2 heat settings that allow you to control the heat output to match your heating needs

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Portable Electric Radiator Heater 2000W Oil Filled Heater Black

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Kitchenware Tableware

Get your Home Appliances Kitchenware Tableware & cookware set equipped with durable and efficient non-stick coating, from cooking Pans to Baking trays and more. Our collection has everything you need to make your favourite recipes.

Organize your cooking area and store food with our kitchen storage solutions.

Everything is within reach when you’re in the mood to stir up lip-smacking dishes. Home Appliances Kitchenware 

Tableware Cookware BakewareCutlery Utensil Kettles Flasks and Bottles. We have whatever you want.

Especially plastic food container is a great choice when it comes to food storage. Easily cleaned after each use, 

Cooling Solution 

If you are searching for a cooling solution then you came to the right place. We offer various types of Fans and Air Cooler like Pedestal fan Desk fan Tower fan and air coolers.

So Keep your home cool and fresh in this hot summer. No matter what type of Fan or air cooler you need, there’s something here to suit your budget and requirements.

We have a range of pedestal fan which is a great choice when it comes to providing some additional cooling in your home. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your family, we have covered you in this summer

Fambargains offer a selection of Air Cooler as well. when it comes to beat the heat.

Check here Pedestal Fan, Desk Fan, Tower Fan and Air Coolers


Home Appliances

Looking for the best blender for smoothies or Shakes? Get more fruits, vegetables and superfoods into your diet anytime with our collection of blenders and smoothie makers. These Blender got the powerful motor and sharp blades, which can crush ice, and chop nuts in seconds.

Whether you want a portable blender to carry gym with you or a hand blender to make salad dressings.

Enjoy silky smooth juices & smoothies every day with our selection of juicers.
Check out our Grinder which has a powerful motor with an efficient design, with a stainless steel blade to grind dry Spices and coffee beans in Seconds for your morning Coffee.

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